email us: 433mag@gmail.com


A competition for the best audio stories of one minute (or less).


1st: £60. A whopping pound a second.

2nd: £30. A respectable hourly rate of £3,600.

3rd: £15. A round of drinks for a minute's effort.

All entries will be considered for inclusion on the 4'33'' site. So you may win, even if you don't win.


Use one of three methods:

1. Email an audio file (.mp3, .wav or any other common format) to: 433mag@gmail.com. Include the word CONTEST in the subject line.
2. Skype us. Our user name is x433contest. Leave your story after the beep.
3. Phone us on +44 (0) 7563 568732, and leave a voicemail.

If you're Skypeing or phoning your story in, state your name, email, method of payment and the title of your story (none of these will count towards the overall time).

Then go for it. If you screw up, try again. We'll take your best take.

Deadline: APRIL 10, 2012. Results by mid-May.


£1 per entry

Pay via this link:

This should work even if you don't have a PayPal account, as long as you have a credit or debit card. Problems? Email us.


-Contest open to writers age 18 and over as of the deadline. Worldwide entries welcome - fees/prizes to be paid in local currency equivalents. -Stories must last a maximum of 60 seconds excluding title, name of author, or any other extraneous information. Basically, the body of your story must be a minute or less.
-That deadline again: 10 April 2012. Delayed slightly because of the Easter holiday in the UK. But no more extensions, pupils!
-Max 3 entries per person.
-Entries will be judged by 4'33'' editors and outside experts. Rulings are final.
-Entries will be judged on story and delivery but NOT on audio quality. So you won't be penalised for a dodgy Skype connection or a rubbish phone line.
-Writers previously featured in 4'33'' can enter however our relatives, close associates and best friends are ineligible. Basically if we sent you a birthday card last year, give it a miss.
-If your audio attachment doesn't reach us, or if we see that you've paid a fee but we don't have an entry, or if your Skype message is garbled, or if your story is three-quarters of a second too long, we'll be in touch to ask you to send it again. Basically if there's a problem you will hear from us, and if you don't hear from us assume everything arrived OK.
-Questions? Email us.